Penn uses three types of presses to provide greater precision in addressing customer specs. These presses have the capability of extruding tight tolerance, highly intricate and complex shapes.

About Us:

Penn Aluminum has three PLC automated presses. This automation provides the capability to consistently extrude to customer specifications while enhancing the quality of the extrusion. The presses have the capability of extruding tight tolerance, highly intricate, and complex shapes.

The three presses in Murphysboro, IL are:

- 1650-ton Press with 7" container;
- 3000-ton Press with 9" & 11" container;
- 3150-ton Press with 9" container.

The one press in Harlingen, TX is:
- 2530-ton Press with 9" container.

With the 7, 9, and 11-inch circle size capability Penn Aluminum can provide a full range of custom shapes and tube to meet your needs. Aluminum billets are received via tarpaulin covered flat bed trucks and stored inside our facility to provide contamination free aluminum for the extrusion presses. Penn Aluminum extrudes the following alloys: 3000 Series and 6000 Series. The most popular alloys we extrude are 3003, 6061 and 6063.  

Temper is the combination of hardness and strength imparted to aluminum by mechanical or thermal treatments. Penn Aluminum has a full range of heat-treating and cold work capabilities. The extrusion process is the beginning point to providing the end item temper, metallurgical structures, and mechanical properties. Penn Aluminum can provide aluminum shapes, pipe, and tubing in all standard tempers. Special tempers can be provided for specific applications as designated by the customer.

Our attention to detail and documented processes assures you of dependable and repeatable quality extrusions and drawn tubing that meet or exceed your expectations.