Penn Aluminum International LLC is a premier manufacturer of Aluminum custom extruded shapes, and drawn tubing. Penn was founded in 1923 and acquired by The Marmon Group in 1971.

About Us:

Formally The Penn Brass & Copper Co. of Erie, Pennsylvania, Penn was founded in 1923 and acquired by The Marmon Group of companies in 1971. With the appliance and automotive industries using increasing amounts of aluminum in lieu of copper, the future was bright for aluminum. Only months after The Marmon Group purchase, out-dated copper tube production was halted, and experienced metallurgical and mechanical engineers were hired to develop more aluminum tube sizes and alloys. In 1977, the company changed its name to Penn Aluminum International LLC

The purchase of the Murphysboro, Illinois plant came in April of 1982.†Its 38-acre, 190,000 square foot aluminum extrusion plant produced rigid conduit and shapes for construction and transportation applications. This plant was then expanded to 220,000 square feet, an additional extrusion press was acquired and new high-speed drawing and coiling equipment was purchased. The old Erie plant was then closed and most of its equipment and key employees shifted to the Murphysboro facility.

In the early 1990ís Penn Aluminum improved its position in the industry by increasing its focus on technological improvements. Innovations were made to our extrusion presses, and drawn tubing process. These enhancements led to increased production, superior quality and higher levels of customer satisfaction. To further our path of continuous improvement, a 10,000 square foot addition was made to our administrative offices in 1995, and a 45,000 square foot production facility expansion was completed in 1998 to improve plant layout and facilitate growth

In 1987, Ford Motor Company bestowed on Penn Aluminum its coveted Q-1 Preferred Quality Award for automotive and heater core tubing. The Q-1 rating has been continually maintained since that date. In March, 1998 Penn Aluminum achieved the highly-regarded QS9000 quality systems certifications.

Penn Aluminum operates a 270,000 square foot facility in Murphysboro, IL. Penn Aluminum International LLC is located in Southern Illinois 1 hour East and 1 hour South of St. Louis, MO. Easy access to I-24, I-55, I-57, and I-64 provides good logistics capabilities in all directions.

Penn Aluminum has three extrusion presses, a tube mill with a wide range of drawing and cutting capabilities. Several aging, annealing, and heat treat ovens support the extrusion and tube mill departments. Aluminum billets are received via tarpaulin covered flat bed trucks and stored inside the facility to provide contamination free aluminum for the extrusion presses. Our manufacturing support staffs include Die Shop, Engineering (metallurgical, electrical, mechanical and process), Maintenance, Production Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Shipping.

In 2005 Penn Aluminum International opened a 53,000 square foot facility in Harlingen, Texas. This facility supports the drawn tube product line. Our capabilities support the complete range of custom shape and drawn tube.

We invite our customers to visit our facilities. Please make arrangements through our sales representative.

Penn Aluminum International is a member of The Marmon Group of companies - an international association of more than 100 autonomous member companies engaged in manufacturing and service businesses worldwide. The Chicago based Marmon Group originated in 1953 and has grown to 550 facilities in 50 countries employing 40,000 individuals with collective revenues of nearly $6 billion.